About me

Hey! I’m so glad you’re here visiting my blog. My name is Helen and I love to travel.


On the coast of Ireland

In fact, I love to travel so much I took a crazy leap to travel more. From a stable and esteemed life as a pharmacist, I followed the pull of my heart to travel the world and write. Now, a floodgate is open and I really live my life to the fullest by my own standards.

Currently, I travel with Remote Year and every month I call a new city and country home. Check out this amazing itinerary.


When I travel, I am enlivened by the new environment I’m immersed in. For example, among the bustling traffic of Hanoi, I was on full alert listening to the honks of the scooters and cars and seeing them zip by me, too close for comfort. I felt the air left by their quick speeds whip against me.


An intersection in Hanoi, Vietnam

What’s more, I feel curious about who the people living there are like. I wonder what they do with their days and how they experience the world. What is important to them? What do they wish?

So I meet the people in their spaces like cafes or out at restaurants. I’ll have conversations with them and we’ll exchange stories. Much like what I want to do with you.


Street photography in Madrid, Spain

Travel is also about better understanding how to live life well. I take note of the many ways people live and adopt the parts I like best. For instance, from the Portuguese, I adopted a more laid back attitude when facing what’s unexpected which contrasts to my old habits to be stressed out in the same situation.

Marie Curie, the namesake of the Curie Remote Year group I’m in, wisely shared, “Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” The more I see of the world and understand about it, the more courageous I am. Note, I certainly haven’t always been this brave. The benefit to all this traveling is exercising bravery. I can’t sum up how much guts this lifestyle takes so my blog will do the talking.

Venture on!